Fiction Romance

Get swept away in a great modern romance story…Vanessa and Jesse’s love story. Coming soon…

Key to My Heart

I am very excited about my upcoming book, so excited that I would love for you to start reading it already. I’ve linked a two excerpts for you to enjoy. Feel free to send me a message to tell me what you think.

Some Facts About Me

I am a native of the City of Angels and relocated to Sin City with my family in May of 2001.

I graduated from the College of Southern Nevada with a degree in business, but have always enjoyed tutoring and mentoring young adults.

Family life, love, hot coffee, late night writing, reading, and music are my greatest passions.

The Poet in Me

I love to write poems in my spare time. I am most inspired by love, loss, hope, family, and God. I plan to publish a collection of these in the near future.

A Writer’s Reflections Page

Here are some reflections that I wrote when I was attending UNLV back in 2016. Hope you can check them out and tell me what you think, just click on the link.

Short Stories, Poems and WIP

I enjoy working on long works, but I especially love crafting short stories as well and would love to share them with you. On my blog I will always have some available for you to read, as well as excerpts from my current projects.

Photo Gallery

Another passion of mine is photography. I like to take photos anytime I travel or go out, of anything and anyone that captures my attention.

Not all those who wander are lost.


About Me

Hello my friends! It is my pleasure to share with you information about my upcoming books, short stories, poems, and about my thoughts and feelings on reading and writing. I hope that you will get to know me better through this site that I have created with the special intention of reaching out to readers and writers in every corner of the world. God Bless You All and have a great day!

More About Us

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  • Blueskydreams25@gmail.com
  • Facebook Page Leticia Zaragoza

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